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As enterprises digitize critical business functions, storage systems must go beyond traditional expectations for performance, scalable capacity, reliability and availability to deliver an always-on infrastructure. A robust all flash SAN system rich in functionality that resolves the I/O bottleneck of big data analysis and virtualizated and cloud environment. NEC’s SAN storage arrays provide organizations with primary, high-capacity secondary, or tiered storage infrastructure. NEC M-Series arrays provide native SAN protocol support and uses a NAS gateway appliance for unified storage capabilities. Utilizes 12 Gb SAS backend connectivity to
HDDs and SSDs to unlock performance with increased bandwidth. The M310F scales up to 480 drives, and the M710F to 960 drives.

NEC Storage M310
NEC Storage M310

Add All Flash Storage

  • HAFS1: Max Storage Capacity SAS SSD 2.5”, 1325.8TB
  • HAFS2: Max Storage Capacity Very Read Intensive SAS SSD 2.5”, 1364.9TB
  • HAFS3: Max Storage Capacity SED SAS SSD 2.5”, 66.2 TB

Award Winning M series Storage Technology

M Series uses a self-encrypting drives to encrypt data and includes a variety of other security functions e.g. access restrictions to the volumes, WORM and prevention of erroneous operations. M series stabilizes operations of the entire system, allowing you to meet SLAs that require guaranteed quality of service (QoS). M series offer I/O flow control through I/O minimum and maximum thresholds settings. M series advanced dynamic pool allows non-disruptive increase of pool capacity when adding drives and automatic optimization of data across the pool.

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Independent research firm DCIG awards M310F with top ranking in their 2017-18 Buyer’s Guide.
80 PLUS GOLD certified (power supply)
80 PLUS GOLD certified (power supply)
Eco Symbol
Eco Symbol Product 
Eco Symbol is a self-declaration type of ISO (International Standards Organization) environmental label (Type II).

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