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For cabinets we rely on the long standing experience of Minkels (a Legrand company). Their Matrixcube is a stand alone, all-in one mini data center with build-in power distribution, cooling, housing and mechanical infrastructure to create an all-in-one solution. The MatrixCube does not depend on the room where it is located and can be implemented in almost any room in a company. No drastic alterations are needed to the building. Your exact needs are determined through consultation, after which the MatrixCube is assembled into the solution that meets your needs.

Minkels Matrixcube

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Containerized MicroDataCenters (C-MDC) are manufactured off-site as a Custom Of The Shelf turn key solution including optimized power, cooling, security, UPS, fire extinguishers, CCTV, 19” racks. The mobility of the C-MDC reduces the average deployment time with 50%. Because the elements are pre-fabricated costs and deployment time. They are assembled and tested in the Netherlands in a factory environment and shipped worldwide.

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  • SC-MDC: 4×3 Meters expected Q2 2018
  • MC-MDC: 8×3 Meters
  • LC-MDC: 13×3 Meters


The Technical Elements to build a data center have evolved over time from custom elements to custom of the shelf building blocks designed for defined data center capacities and easy scalable. This has three advantages.

  • The total capital expense of a data center can be broken down into smaller capital expenses over the lifecycle of the data center.
  • Modular, more standardized equipment (power, cooling) can easily scale out to provide more capacity when needed
  • By scaling out when needed the underutilized capacity in the data center is kept to a minimum, making it very power efficient.

Over a 10 year lifecycle C-MDC’s can create saving of 25% on Capex and 30% on Opex.

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