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NEC Express5800/R320e-E4 Fault Tolerant Server
NEC Express5800/R320e-E4 Fault Tolerant Server

The Fault Tolerant (FT) servers provide an innovative solution to address planned and unplanned downtime for your most important applications. Based on the Express5800/R320e-E4 (Linux, VMWare, Windows) you have continuous availability through hardware redundancy in all components: Processors, memory, motherboards, I/O, hard disk drives, and cooling fans. Extreme high availability with operational simplicity powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3 product family. A combination of redundant hardware and redundancy control software enables 99.999% uptime for immediate failover and server virtualization protection.

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  • HFT1: 2x [14C/ 28T, 2.3GHz, 64GB DDR4, 200GB Hot Plug SAS SSD (ME)]
  • HFT2: 2x [14C/ 28T, 2.3GHz, 64GB DDR4, 400GB Hot Plug SAS SSD (ME)]
  • HFT3: 2x [14C/ 28T, 2.3GHz, 64GB DDR4, 1TB Hot Plug SAS SSD (ME)]
  • HFT4: 2x [14C/ 28T, 2.3GHz, 128GB DDR4, 200GB Hot Plug SAS SSD (ME)]
  • HFT5: 2x [14C/ 28T, 2.3GHz, 128GB DDR4, 400GB Hot Plug SAS SSD (ME)]
  • HFT6: 2x [14C/ 28T, 2.3GHz, 128GB DDR4, 1TB Hot Plug SAS SSD (ME)]

Combine NEC EXPRESSCLUSTER X LAN/ WAN License with your Fault Tolerant server.
NEC Expresscluster a low cost software solution for high availability and remote disaster recovery preventing data loss and protecting your IT system which finally leads to saving time and money. Enables Quick recovery from all types of failures (hardware, network, application) with zero data loss.

Add NEC Expresscluster X License

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Fault Tolerant Technology

NEC Fault Tolerant (FT) servers provide an innovative solution to address planned and unplanned downtime for your most important applications. The Express5800/R320f servers deliver continuous availability for 99.999% system uptime (5 minutes of downtime per year) through its fully redundant modular hardware featuring 14-Core Intel® Xeon® processors that support lockstep operation.

The NEC FT servers can deliver continuous availability for Hyper-V by using internal storage and standard management software. Advantages of virtualization with the NEC FT server include proven scalable vCPU performance, integrated high availability storage for CapEX savings, and simplified virtualization deployment for CapEX and OpEx savings.

The Dual Modular Redundant (DMR) design allows easy replacement of major subsystems without shutting down the system, by supporting hot plug of modules. The Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) is easily replaceable without any special skills. Also, integrated EXPRESSSCOPE Engine 3 technology provides extensive remote management capabilities regardless of the status of the server’s power or operating system

GeminiEngine™ — the Heart of Lockstep Processing
The heart of the dual-modular redundancy architecture for the FT server is its GeminiEngine™ chipset, a feature specially engineered to synchronize redundant components and prevent CPU performance degradation due to hardware redundancy control.

NEC Fault Tolerant (Lockstep) System
NEC Fault Tolerant (Lockstep) System

The GeminiEngine feature enables “lockstep” processing, allowing the redundant components to process the same instructions simultaneously, and thereby eliminating potential failure points for continuous processing.

Rapid Disk Resync (RDR)
The Rapid Disk Resync (RDR) is a disk synchronization technology that enables the disks to be resynchronized in a short period of time when their mirror has been broken due to a system failure or system maintenance. The RDR resumes disk mirroring by performing quick copies of only data changes, rather than entire disk data, thereby minimizing the time that the system runs with non-redundant disk system.

NEC Expresscluster
The award winning software safeguards industry-standard applications, operating systems, and virtualization platforms. Designed to protect business critical systems and data, ExpressCluster software is a fully automated redundancy and recovery HA/DR solution that is versatile, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

EXPRESSCLUSTER Infographic (click for enlargement)

Verification experience with 200+ application including DataBase (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, IBM DB2, My SQL, Postgre SQL), Email Servers (Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail), ERP (SAP, Microsoft NAV), Virtualization Platforms (VMware Server/ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM) and Operating Systems (Windows, Linux), Cloud Platforms (Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Windows Azure).

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