HIRO – MicroDataCenters

2016 at the Hannover Messe after seeing the potential of Industry 4.0 massively demonstrated by Industry, Fred Buining realises that the magnitude of data, Big Data speeding towards us from Smart Cities, Factories, Autonomous driving and IOT, will require incredible innovation in software and hardware. The Fog and Edge get very little attention while the primary focus of Industry leaders is in building Cloud capacity at scale, IOT platforms, machine learning, AI and Cognitive Intelligence. Fred Buining sees the untapped potential and creates the business partnerships with hardware manufacturers, software platform developers and strategic business partners to be able to deliver scalable server hardware (bare metal and appliance) in a cabinet or container (incl. power and cooling) to local cloud DC’s off and on premise. These MicroDataCenters provide the local cloud capacity in the Fog and at the Edge that is easy scalable, minimizes latency, safeguards privacy of data locally, guarantees very high in an energy efficient and compact formfactor. July 2017 HIRO-MicroDataCenters officially launched into the market.

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