HyperConverged Infrastructure Storage

Virtualization of desktops, working & learning environments address mission-critical challenges and ensures better performance and higher SLA’s from key applications. Applications and content can scale with the smallest possible footprint and reduces infrastructure costs.

The growing storage demand for enterprises becomes manageable with converged storage and servers saving from 50% to 90% of the rackspave. All flash storage architecture gives maximum performance, minimal latency while offering the lowest power consumption and high availability. The storage can scale easily with your business needs.

Suggested Configurations



NEC DX2000


Kaleao KMax

Size # Servers SOC Bandwidth # Cores Memory/ Core Storage/ Core
2U 44 2.1GHz 12M Cache 2x8x40 GbE up 2x44x10 GbE down 352 8GB 64GB
2U 22 2.1GHz 12M Cache 2x8x40 GbE up 4x22x10 GbE down 176 8GB 64GB
2U 34 1.3GHz 24M Cache 2x8x40 GbE up 2x44x10 GbE down 544 4GB 32GB
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