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One UI to manage your public & private cloud, fully automated. A true multi-hypervisor/multi-cloud solution almost at 1/4 the cost of competitive solutions, Onapp is a turnkey private cloud solution up and running in minutes which allows you to host applications on VMware, Xen, KVM, EC2 & bare metal. 30% of the public clouds running onapp from CDN to DR and more.

Onapp showcase: Dediserve

The very successful cloud hosting provider based in Dublin, Ireland. With hosting operations in Ireland and the UK they grew since beginning of 2009 to a €1m business. OnApp is the management layer in Dediserve’s cloud. It handles cloud deployment, server and storage management, user management, automatic failover and billing.

Onapp showcase: Unbelievable Machine Company

The leading Big Data and cloud service provider in Germany, going global. Specialised in big data, data science and cloud, and working for some of the largest German and Austrian enterprises – including broadcasting and media companies like Deutsche Welle, Antenne Bayern, t3n, die tageszeitung, B.Z. and Gründerszene; Metro Group, one of the largest retailers in the
world; and clients as diverse as Gebrüder Heinemann, Porsche, Audi, Parship, Delivery Hero, Deutsche Post, easybank, dooyoo and MyToys. Providing consulting and managed services far beyond what a transactional cloud like AWS offers.

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Onapp comes installed on the Kaleao Kmax Hardware and Certification for the NEC and Hiro servers is on it’s way.

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