Open Stack

This leading open source IaaS platform, provides compelling solutions for delivering flexible infrastructure that needs massive scaling and cluster networking; storage, compute and networking access to large volumes of data; and workload and infrastructure manageability. OpenStack software supports these needs by it’s dynamic, automated nature of software-defined infrastructure.

NEC Cloud system, Fully Openstack, 100% guaranteed open source

NEC identified thousands of common customer requirements and verified the functions in OpenStack and other OSS that could fulfill these requirements. NEC ensures their system stays open and transparent by optimally integrating OSS and sharing modifications with the open source community as OSS.

NEC is one of the world’s leading contributors to OpenStack development and the leading contributor from Japan for three consecutive years (6 versions of OpenStack). Together with NEC’s global SDN experience (over 250 corporations and institutions worldwide) NEC is able to cut the construction costs by 50% and lower the service costs by 60%. NEC has a 24/7 and 365 days a year support, from dedicated specialists help you to keep your system secure and fully operational.

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