Technology Partners

IBM Research Zurich

IBM Research Zurich developed with ASTRON Netherlands the highest density MicroDataCenter currently available in the market. The IBM Research centre has an international highly respected and acknowledged reputation in many area’s of high performance computing. HIRO took the responsibility to take the MicroDataCenter research output and make it ready to be sold on the market under the HIRO ZX3000 brand name. In the future HIRO will continue collaborating with IBM Zurich to develop the next generations of the ZX3000 MicroDataCenter series.

IBM Watson

With the Watson IoT Platform Analytics you configure your analytics in the private local cloud then push them out to ‘edge-ready’ gateways close to the source of device and sensor data allows almost any gateway to host edge analytics. Running Watson IoT Platform Analytics on our MicroDataCenter allows easy scalability, big data ingestion and near real-time processing, close to the source to ensure continuous operations run smoothly, and deeper cross site/ fleet analysis integrated with important contextual information.
In continuous and business critical process industries such as manufacturing plants, refineries, chemical plants, and power generation, operations run 24/7 and real-time decisions must be made on site. They need a solution that allows them to tap into new analytics capabilities, such as cognitive and predictive analytics, while maintaining autonomy to process data and make fast, automated decisions locally regardless of network connectivity back to the enterprise or cloud.


ASTRON developed with IBM Research the highest density MicroDataCenter currently available in the market. This product is being commercialised through an ASTRON venture under the brand ILA-Microservers.


NEC combines its advanced technologies, services and knowledge with more than 117 years of expertise as an ICT leader. Their enterprise solutions brings together and integrates technology and expertise to create the ICT-enabled society of tomorrow; Hybrid Cloud Services, Real-Time Collaboration, High Available Devices, On-Demand Generation and Contextual Analysis.

NEC DX2000 modular scalable server with Intel Xeon D processor family and a Red Hat OpenStack cloud stack and Apache Spark VM’s is a quick, scalable and efficient big data analytics solution or any other highly scalable workload solution (see market segments).

NEC Fault Tolerant Servers provide 99.999% uptime or an average annual down time of 5½ minutes compared Industry average of 9 hours for 72% of mission critical applications servers (according to the Standish Group) The industry standard Intel Xeon server platform provides real redundancy through the NEC-engineered LSI chipset for fault tolerance control, therefore requires NO expensive and complex clustering software. NEC opened a state of the art Data Center in 2016 in Kobe.


Kaleao develops ARM-based servers and hyper-converged appliances. Their Kmax server hardware with software-defined compute, storage, and networking capabilities offers true convergence. Kaleao aims at applications in the cloud where increased compute density and energy costs savings are required. Partnering with Kaleao offers Hiro-MicroDataCenters a direct access to the American market and offers Kaleao a value add distribution partner for Germany, France, UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.


ENGIE, a French multinational electric utility company, operating in the fields of electricity generation and distribution, natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy in over 70 countries with 153.000 employees. Their strong commitment to the energy transition towards a low-carbon economy urges them to develop high-performance, innovative solutions. The Engie Mobile Data Center is the all-in-one and one-stop infrastructure solution and includes power, cooling and security for high density DC’s. Through the partnership with Engie, Hiro-microdatacenters is able to offer containerized high density DC’s all over Europe, including installation and maintenance services.

Minkels (Legrand)

Minkels part of the product portfolio of Legrand operating in over 180 countries with revenues of 4.8 billion euros (2015). Minkels innovation and technology driven, manufactures high-quality solutions for data centre infrastructure. Their innovativeness and flexibility serves some of the biggest names in the Data Center world. Minkels extensive market knowledge has led them to invest in the development of a range of micro data centers cabinets solutions, Matrixcube and Minicube. Collaborating with Minkels in the Netherlands, Hiro-MicroDataCenters is able to offer turn key full solutions to end customers all over Europe.


Intel’s “Data Center First” strategy emphasizes the rise of the hybrid cloud delivering apps and services to a growing number of devices. Their aim is to optimize the infrastructure running the cloud from a DC level to a rack level down to compute, memory, storage, networking and AI.
Intel’s technology leadership and commitment to the “Data Center First” confirms to Hiro that the Data Center is the most important playing field for Hardware companies. Hiro’s product-technology-market strategy is based on the same assumptions Intel is making, specifically: 1) Future widespread presence of ambient, pervasive computing, 2) Distributed compute, analytics and storage moves close to data intense locations, 3) Low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity and processing is key. Partnering with Intel allows us to have early access to their upcoming technological innovations, develop our products with their support and launch the latest technology together with them.


NXP’S ‘Edge Strategy’ emphasizes the cloud-computing technology found in Hyper Scale data to be used at the edge and IOT field. Swarms of IoT endpoints will create big data settings requiring local big data ingestion, in stream analysis and local AI to provide low latency responses. NXP has a range of low power SOC’s including and especially 64-bit ARM-based Layerscape line. The Layerscape-based solutions and trust architecture aims to bring the same level of security if not more to the edge. NXP’s Hardware and experience can be found on both sides of the edge, making the Hiro-MicroDataCenters partnership with NXP valuable for developing non-Intel versions of our productrange.

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